Kulfi the Singing Star Monday 16 December 2019 Update


Kulfi the singing star 16 December 2019: Amyra declaring in front of everyone that her father is Sikander Singh Gill. Everybody was waiting for Peter while Amyra tried to embarrass Kulfi (Akriti Sharma). Kulfi took it in a calm way and mingled with her co-star.

Peter informed Sikander that Ritu would come to see the play and would fund only if she approved it. Kulfi felt Sikander’s presence and started searching for him. Amyra also started her search for the producer. The owner of the auditorium informed Sikander that Amyra and Kulfi were approaching the dressing room.

Kulfi the singing star update Monday 16th December 2019

Gunjan decided to send some of Amyra’s belongings to Kulfi. Lovely warned Gunjan to not say a single word against her daughter or else she would have to pay for it. Sikander pretended to be a wax statue to fool Amyra and Kulfi. Peter wanted Kulfi and Amyra to learn their lines properly to impress Ritu Torani.

The rehearsals start and Kulfi couldn’t speak her lines properly. The other actors started arguing over hiring an unprofessional actor for the lead role. Peter got angry and declared the play was over. Sikander tried to convince Peter and gave him an idea to unite the play team.

All actors were asked to move props from the left side of the stage to the right side. Kulfi started singing a song about the task given to them. She got an idea and they created a chain to help shift the props in a system

Precap Upcoming Kulfi The Singing Star episode update: Amyra creates a scene after being humiliated on set and takes a drastic move. Later, Kulfi gets a huge shock when she spots Sikander brooding behind the scenes.

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