Gangaa Tuesday 17th December 2019 Update

Gangaa 17th December 2019

Location: Ganga’s residence
As Gangaa alights the diya, Gangaa is tensed and boggled and full of mixed emotions. she talks to herself, about the two faced dilemma she is in, as she wants to melt in his arms, but then her ego and self respect comes in.

Gangaa 16 December 2019 Zee world:  she herself eyes tensedly. she accidentally burns her fingers, and krishna rushes to her defence. Gangaa addresses her as her father, and asks when is he coming. krishna teases if she is waiting too. Gangaa denies and continues to be ready. krishna comments that she looks bful, and if sagar comes, he would be mesmerised. krishna talks abouty her beauty galore. Gangaa is amused. later, Gangaa finds her dupatta is long, and tries to talk her out of it. but krishna insists. while Gangaa is shown that the diya is dousing, and rushes to get oil, Gangaa herself is sitting tensedly.

Location: Sagar’s residence
while supriya tries to make juhi wear the earrings that she brought, juhi gets adamant that she wants the same one, that were brought for krishna by ammaji. she tries to talk her out, but juhi is vehement that she wont have these. supriya gets angry and says that she has become very frustrated, as she is neither taken care of, nor her daughter, as noone bothered to get juhi a gift, and everyone was worried about krishna. she says that everyone neglects juhi, and noone bothers. she points out the entire issue, and vents out her frustration. he asks her to sit down. she says that thats what she has always done, and now feels suffocated, as he goes at the first beck and call of hers. she leaves from there, taking juhi away. niru and madhavi, listen along with ammaji as they are tensed. zoya is amused. niru tells pulkit to buckle up, as things must have taken a huge magnanimous proportion, and asks if he should talk to her. pulkit says that he couldnt, as his marriaed life was at stake, but they least cared about it. he blames them all for negligence too, prioritising sagar and his family over his. ammaji tries to clarify, but pulkit is vehement, and asks if they really have any relation. they all stand tensed and restless, as he rants out everything that he has wanted. zoya thinks that now she has to start the fire, that shall ruin everything that they have developed and reminds herself as to how she needs to take care of them now.

In their room, supriya and pulkit continue to fight while niru comes and says that he had already got another set of earrings, but couldnt give her since she was so angry. he apologises if they ever made them feel neglected, syaing that was never their intention. he advises supriya galore about not thinking like that about family and parents. she hears tensedly.

Location: Gangaa’s residence
As the doorbell rings, Gangaa hurriedly rushes to seek if its sagar, while krishna and zoya anxiously wait. she is disappointed when its someone else, who has come to wish diwali. she socialises with her and then the lady leaves. disappointed, she shuts the door. while alighting diyas, she waits for sagar in anticipation. she wonders why is she so restless, and letting her dreams start being imagined yet again, while krishna is amused at her impatient wait. as krishna rushes to sagar when he comes, Gangaa is thrilled and happy. she however controls her excitement and goes on. krishna details everything to sagar, while he eyes Gangaa. he gives her the firecrackers, and asks her to go, while he joins her soon. Gangaa asks her to be careful, and then awkwardly eyes sagar. he then comes to her, and confronts her, while zoya and kashish watch. he goes and wishes kashish and gives her sweets. intentionally he teases Gangaa indirectly, while Gangaa doesnt respond. later, they all spend diwali, and burn firecrackers together. sagar and krishna are amused as they together taunt Gangaa, and ask her to burn an Anar. taking it on her pride, she starts burning it afire, and it burns with a dazzle. victorious, she says that she got the right one. sagar continues to provocate her, as she starts squabbling with him, while krishna begs the lord, to get them to become friends. she remembers about the diya and rushes inside the house. zoya stealthily follows after her, while they are busy fighting.

Krishna alights the diya and says that this shall signify their parents’ friendship. then she starts praying. zoya wonders why is krishna taking care of this diya so much. finding her eyes closed, zoya comes from behind, and eyes her evilly. The screen freezes on hr face.

Location: Gangaa’s residence
While krishna is busy praying, Zoya sets her dupatta on fire, with the same diya, evilly thinking that this poor girl thinks that this diya shall set everything right between her parents, but seldom does she know, that its the diya of ruins, while she is oblivious about it. Later, zoya starts evilly guffawing at the success of her plan, as krishna leaves.

In the garden, sagar and Gangaa fight like kids, each trying to outdo the other. in doing so, they come romantically close, and they both eye each other awkwardly yet romantically. suddenly, they are alarmed hearing krishna’s voice. they turn around happily, as krishna rushes into the garden, all are shocked to see her burning dupatta. Gangaa screams out, while all are distraught. they all rush to her. krishna throws off the dupatta, but accidentally it falls on the firecrackers kept nearby.

Gangaa and sagar are relievd. but as krishna tries to get to them, she is stuck surrpounded by firecrackers bursting all around. they are horrified. a kindling flame,

starts burning her forck. Gangaa sees thia dn rushes, while sagar and kashish are trapped. Gangaa tries to douse the fire with her own hands, irrespective of her hand’s

condition. her saree too catches fire, and she is shocked as they point it out to her. krishna and Gangaa are both trapped. finally, sagar manages to get a blanket and

douses Gangaa’s saree, while krishna’s frock’s fire too douses off. krishna gets dizzy and goes unconscious in Gangaa’s arms. both sagar and Gangaa are distraught.

Location: Hospital
Sagar and Gangaa rush krishna to the hospital. zoya too pretends to be extremely concerned. as the doctor attends to her, he understands the severity of the burns, and

reprimands them for being so careless. they rush her into the ICU, for the burn case. Gangaa starts blaming herself, saying that she shouldnt have allowed her to wear

the dupatta. he asks her not to do so, as she starts questioning whether she is a good mother even. she beraks down in his arms and he comforts and consoles her. he

says that its very hard to bring up a child the way she has, and asks her not to doubt herself. she notices her proxmity, to sagar, and retreats back. zoya comes and

asks Gangaa to get her hand dressed too. she refuses waiting for krishna’s update. but he asks her to go, as he shall be here. Zoya and Gangaa leave. zoya is frustrated

that her plan didnt work, but decides to use it to her advantage. MEanwhile, sagar gets ammaji’s call and narrates everything that happened.

While Gangaa’s hand is being dressed, zoya starts emotionally manipulating her and distracting her that what happened with krishna wasnt an accident but an attack.

Gangaa is boggled. zoya says that she wants them to get back together, and is very happy that things are normalising, but a sudden realisation affects her. Gangaa asks

whats it. she says that what happened to day wasnt an accident, but a planned move, as sagar hasnt taken his custody case back. she points out that sagar just stood,

while she rushed to save krishna with her bare hands. she tells that he jumped only when the crowd had gathered, to create the effect, that she is a reckless mother,

and he is a brave father. Gangaa starts getting influenced. zoya continues saying that she hopes she is wrong. but Gangaa refuses to believe this, saying that sagar

cant do anything that hurts krishna. zoya says that she knows, and says that maybe she is entirely wrong, and then draws a similar analogy, as her case. Gangaa is

apalled. she tells Gangaa that he is here now only for krishna, as he never bothered to care for so many years, and had krishna not been his daughter, he wouldnt have

made these moves. zoya says that she is staying in the house, where ammaji is tormented for a grandkid, and maybe sagar’s heart is pure, but ammaji is distracting him,

and its very easy to play sagar. Gangaa still refuses, and says that he shall never use their love, to get to krishna, as he isnt capable of deceiving and betrayal.

zoya says that he might have gotten emotionally manipulated. Gangaa gets an update from the nurse, that she fainted out due to stress, and she is fine now and shifted

into general ward. Gangaa signs some hospital papers, while zoya thinks about using this fact to the true advantage. As sagar and his entire family attends to krishna,

zoya shows Gangaa from the outside, how sagar and his family are trying to manipulate krishna by showering love on her. sagar and his family discuss about how they need

to take krishna and Gangaa home now. sagar talks about Gangaa softening up. ammaji tries to blame Gangaa, but sagar says that then he too is equally to be blamed. he is

hopeful that soon he shall be able to live as a family with her and krishna. pulkit assures him the best of scenario. Gangaa leaves having heard instigating words of

zoya. zoya however continues in the charade of goodwill, saying that this is what she had said, that sagar’s motive is to get krishna anyhow. she also points out how

sagar shall get many witnsses to prove he is right and that she was wrong and careless. Gangaa starts getting influenced. she hears krishna’s voice, and turns around.

she finds krishna being held by ammaji on one and sagar on the other hand. she is tensed eyeing this. the screen freezes on her face.

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